Bubble Ball: Start to Finish

Why Bubble Soccer?

We like to say "because it's fun to knock your friends into somersaults when you want to steal a soccer ball." Bubble ball has the energy of hockey, the thrill of gymnastics, and the safety of...well...being isolated in a bubble. It sounds crazy. It is crazy. It's fun.


Although you'll be running into people (and perhaps performing a couple of your own somersaults), you are protected by a giant bubble while you compete in a unique form of bumper-roller-soccer. Sound amazing? We think so too!

Setup and Referees

We deliver the bubbles, blow them up, and provide goals, cones, and soccer balls. We'll time and ref the games for you as well. You just meet us there, and make sure to bring your friends!


Soccer games typically run for 5 minutes, but they may be doubled into two five-minute halves or any other combination you want. Although we've found that the best team size is 5 vs 5, this may depend on the details of your particular rental.


  • Bubble Soccer

  • King of the Ring

  • Bubble Football

  • Capture the Flag

  • Or Create-Your-Own!


Indoor or outdoor, real grass or artificial turf; we just need a space about the size of a basketball court (50' x 85'). We play on a variety of surfaces, from natural grass to gym floors. Contact us if you are struggling to find a place to play; we're happy to help! Click below to learn more.

Pricing is based on number of bubbles, not participants.

Travel fee may apply for events more than 30 miles outside of Pittsburgh

Glenshaw, Pennsylvania